Friday, August 15, 2014

Tungsten Alloy Exporter, Manufacturer from China

Tungsten alloy is very crucial to the current industrial scenarios. Its properties like high melting point, excellent conduction, high density, strengthen, etc. make it an excellent choice for a variety of industrial uses. Be it tooling, automotive, aerospace or industrial radiography, tungsten have countless applications. It is also being used for a number of electrical operations including filament makings and many more. Tungsten alloy is perfect material for Radiation shielding owing to its high radiation absorption, density, corrosion resistances, low- toxicity and many other properties. Furthermore, serves its purposes in the medical industry, where it is used for shielding radiations like X-ray radiations, gamma radiations, cosmic radiations, etc.

Guangxi Chentian Tungsten alloy Co. Ltd., well-known name in the market, holding an experience of more than a decade in providing high-end tungsten alloy solutions to thousands of its clients. You can get your need for high quality Tungsten Alloy products fulfilled in the best way by Guangxi Chentian Tungsten alloy Co. Ltd. The company is a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of certified tungsten alloy products, serving in many countries with Japan, US and Europe being the major exporters.

Some of the outstanding benefits offered by our products include, excellent quality raw materials, dimensional stability, higher boiling and melting points, durability, low thermal expansion, good radiation absorption, non toxicity, prefect packing, and many more. We are a trusted and well- recognized name for the unmatchable delivery of tungsten alloy products. ISO 9001:2008 certification is one of our pride possessions. Some of our specialties that serve us with competitive advantages over others are:
  • Updated manufacturing units and procedures
  • Maximum customer satisfaction and buyer-friendly approaches
  • Best price
  • Delivery perfection, on-time
  • Huge storage capacity
One of our core specialties which make us one of a kind is the team hired by us, consisting of industrial experts, packaging and warehouse experts, engineers and quality analysts who ensure right production and high end quality.

The whole range of tungsten alloy products offered by Guangxi Chentian Tungsten alloy Co. Ltd. Includes tungsten alloy bar, rings, armor, cylinder, tube, nail shape, nail weights, ball, sphere, blocks, rod, sinker, disc, plates, tips, blanks, and many others.

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