Friday, June 26, 2015

Nanosized Tungsten Carbide Synthesized for high performance Electrocatalysis

What is tungsten carbide?
Tungsten carbide (WC) is a generally utilized building material which is typically arranged at high temperature. Another component for integrating nanoscaled WC at ultralow temperature has been found. This revelation opens a novel course to orchestrate significant WC and different carbides at an expense proficient way. The novel development system is taking into account a particle trade sap as carbon source to mainly grapple the W and Fe species. As a middle of the road, FeWO4 can be shaped at lower temperature, which can be specifically changed over into WC alongside the carbonization of sap. There are many variations of tungsten carbide such as tungsten carbide drum, tungsten carbide bullet and ball. The measure of WC can be under 2 nm. The impetus made with Pt nanoparticles bolstered on nanosized WC-GC (WC-graphitized carbon) shows improved electrocatalytic action for oxygen decrease response. The outcome likewise demonstrates that the Pt nanoparticles kept on WC-GC are commanded by Pt (111) plane and demonstrates a mass action of 257.7 mA mg−1Pt@0.9
Applications of Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten carbide (WC) is an interstitial compound of C iotas filling into W precious stone, which has high quality and unbending nature as covalent compound, high dissolving point as ionic gem and electromagnetism as move metal. WC has wide applications in national safeguard, substance commercial enterprises, electronic businesses, mechanical apparatuses and surface coatings1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. WC has the qualities of high hardness, great wear-resistance, great crack resistance and high temperature quality.
Those properties make it a thought covering material for stoneware, china product, and etch instrument. In any case, because of the high softening purpose of WC (ordinarily as high as 2800°C), it is barely to frame horniness combination through sintering procedure. As a rule, Co metal was utilized to tie WC particles to enhance its bowing resistance, yet Co lessens the decay resistance, hardness and wear-resistance of the alloy1, 2, which created the advancement of word related asthma to a certain degree7. Therefore, the systems to sinter WC by release of ion3, microwave4, high recurrence inducement5 and high temperature insostatic pressing6 were received, yet the high handling expense confined their applications in modern generation scale.
How to prepare nanoparticles with cost efficient method
To get ready WC nanoparticles with expense effective strategy, lower vitality consumption, and controllable molecule size is a basic test for wide use of WC in commercial ventures. The conventional union strategy for WC includes warming the completely blended WO3 (or W metal) and carbon powder at 1000–1600°C.
Be that as it may, the resultant WC particles are by and large enormous in size and lower in particular surface territory. Various routines have been produced to acquire nanoscale WC particles, a sample, under 10 nm WC particles could be made by ball processing. However this strategy is time and vitality expending.
Additionally, the items created by ball processing are inclined to defilement in processing pot. Shen et al. utilized an enhanced microwave warming strategy, the measure of the WC particles could be controlled by altering the warming and unwinding time44. Lee et al. traded the oxygen in WO3 with cation of zeolite halogenate, and after that lessened the intermediates to WC by CO at 550–750°C45. Because of the trouble of trading the particles in strong materials, the item all in all comprise of bigger WC particles with up to a few hundred nanometers in size. By the by, these systems stay pretty much the accompanying burdens: complex methods, long time, high temperatures and high energy utilization.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Factors to Consider upon before buying Tungsten Bucking Bar

Before pondering over the factors, let us first understand what is Tungsten Bucking Bar. It is an object used for increasing the weight so that riveting can be performed in a closed area. Rivet is type of mechanical fastener having a cylindrical shaft with a head on one head. It allows the riveting process to undertake efficiently with a high level of precision. This type of bars acts as the precision ground having a polished faces to match the sets of rivets. These bards are available in various shapes and sizes depending upon the application requirement.

Below we have stated the factors that should be considered upon before investing on this product:
  • Density: Tungsten is known to be the strongest metal with high melting point. So, although, market is flooded with hardened alloy steel bucking bar, Tungsten Bars are in huge demand in the market owing to the higher density. Even, Tungsten is 50% much denser than lead and thus preferred over Lead Bucking Bars. It is suggested by the industry experts to check the density of the bars before buying it.
  • Alloy: Just by saying that the bucking bar is made from Tungsten does not assures its quality. What is important here to check the alloy which has been used to make the bar? Alloys used in bars provide high density and longevity, which ultimately reduce the vibration and kickback while bucking. Thus, be so sure of the kind of alloy used in the Tungsten Bucking Bar.
  • Shape: When it comes to shape, make sure that bars have smooth faces, perfect corners, and round edges. The edges should not be dissimilate from one another and fit in the application requirement.
  • Size: As we already know that this bar is available in various sizes, check with the suppliers that whether they can provide customized solutions or not. It is very important to get the Tungsten Bucking Bars that suits your application for which sizes plays a vital role. For accurate sizes, custom made bars are provides by some of the companies.
  • Prices: Compare the prices with several manufacturers and suppliers and check the overall market rate before buying. Most of the suppliers and traders provide discount on bulk purchases. So, if you are looking for bulk quantity then you can get these bars at competitive prices. Always compare the prices and negotiate well. All you need to contact the right source.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Presenting Wallet-Friendly Tungsten Alloy Balls

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Quite small in volume but dense, tungsten alloy balls can be used in several fields requiring small yet heavy parts such as in machines, vehicles, weapons, etc. These balls are used where extreme hardness and wear resistance is required such as bearings, ball screws, valves, flow meters.

Unique properties of the product:
  • High melting point and hardness
  • Excellent wear resistance ,
  • High ultimate tensile strength
  • Heat resistant
Good thermal stability, easy processing, corrosion resistance, good shock resistance, high radiation absorption capacity , excellent impact resistance, crack resistance and more.

Various Applications of Tungsten alloy balls:

Tungsten alloy balls meet the application needs of Automotive, Tooling, Military, Aerospace, Heavy Industries, General Engineering, and other sectors.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tungsten Copper Alloys: Alloys With Countless Applications

Tungsten copper alloys are metal alloys containing copper and tungsten in different quantities. These alloys hold properties of both the metals, result in producing material which has high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity and low thermal expansion. The physical and chemical properties of a tungsten copper alloy depend upon the ratio of both the metals used in the alloy. Usually, there are 10% to 15% of copper in tungsten copper alloys and the remaining part is tungsten. The alloy with a higher percentage of copper have lesser destiny, lesser hardness, and lower resistivity.

Tungsten copper alloys have countless applications in a variety of fields. These alloys have several electrical applications including electrodes for resistance welding and spark erosion, dies for casting, rocket parts, balance weights, high voltage arc contacts, leaders for steel rolling, heat sinks of electrical devices for passive cooling, etc. Tungsten copper alloys are also various military applications. These are used for making bullets, armor-shells, grenades, bullet-proof vehicles, shrapnel head, and many other defense and military related products.

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