Sunday, April 26, 2015

Factors to Consider upon before buying Tungsten Bucking Bar

Before pondering over the factors, let us first understand what is Tungsten Bucking Bar. It is an object used for increasing the weight so that riveting can be performed in a closed area. Rivet is type of mechanical fastener having a cylindrical shaft with a head on one head. It allows the riveting process to undertake efficiently with a high level of precision. This type of bars acts as the precision ground having a polished faces to match the sets of rivets. These bards are available in various shapes and sizes depending upon the application requirement.

Below we have stated the factors that should be considered upon before investing on this product:
  • Density: Tungsten is known to be the strongest metal with high melting point. So, although, market is flooded with hardened alloy steel bucking bar, Tungsten Bars are in huge demand in the market owing to the higher density. Even, Tungsten is 50% much denser than lead and thus preferred over Lead Bucking Bars. It is suggested by the industry experts to check the density of the bars before buying it.
  • Alloy: Just by saying that the bucking bar is made from Tungsten does not assures its quality. What is important here to check the alloy which has been used to make the bar? Alloys used in bars provide high density and longevity, which ultimately reduce the vibration and kickback while bucking. Thus, be so sure of the kind of alloy used in the Tungsten Bucking Bar.
  • Shape: When it comes to shape, make sure that bars have smooth faces, perfect corners, and round edges. The edges should not be dissimilate from one another and fit in the application requirement.
  • Size: As we already know that this bar is available in various sizes, check with the suppliers that whether they can provide customized solutions or not. It is very important to get the Tungsten Bucking Bars that suits your application for which sizes plays a vital role. For accurate sizes, custom made bars are provides by some of the companies.
  • Prices: Compare the prices with several manufacturers and suppliers and check the overall market rate before buying. Most of the suppliers and traders provide discount on bulk purchases. So, if you are looking for bulk quantity then you can get these bars at competitive prices. Always compare the prices and negotiate well. All you need to contact the right source.