Friday, September 19, 2014

Tungsten Radiation Shielding Exporter, Manufacturer from China

Tungsten Radiation shielding

Many of industrial and medical activities result in production of various radiations which are harmful for both the human health and the environment. Various radiation shielding products and techniques are being used to protect people from such harmful radiations. Heavy metals are usually used for such purposes. These metals are supposed to absorb the harmful radiations and ensure that these radiations don't reach the human body. Tungsten is the most efficient metal which is used for radiation shielding purposes in most of the medical and industrial settings. Though lead is the most common material used for these purposes, tungsten is functionally more effective. Tungsten alloy offers excellent energy absorption in 3 times lesser metal as compared to lead. Tungsten radiation shielding products are available in various forms and shapes and used for a variety of purposes like gamma ray protection, radioactive source containers, x-ray shielding, logging and industrial instruments, shielding for cancer therapy machines, syringe protection for radioactive injections,etc..

Guangxi chentain tungten alloy Co. Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer, exporter and suppliers of tungsten radiation shielding products and material. With more than a decade experience in serving best and high quality products, Guangxi chentain tungten alloy Co. Ltd. is a prominent name in the domain. On time delivery, excellent pricing, perfect product quality, long lasting product functionality and many other features of Guangxi chentain tungten alloy Co. Ltd serves it with an edge over the other alternatives present in the market.

The tungsten radiation shielding product range offered by Guangxi chentain tungten alloy Co. Ltd includes radiation protection sheets, Tungsten carbide drum, tungsten medical radiation shielding clip, tungsten alloy syringe, tungsten alloy syringe shield clip, tungsten alloy radiation housing, tungsten radiation shielding, tungsten alloy radiation cover, tungsten alloy radiation shell, tungsten alloy mobile radiation shielding, tungsten radiation container, tungsten medical radiation holder, tungsten alloy radiation cap, tungsten alloy X-ray target and many other similar products. These products are widely in demand because of their perfection and superior quality.

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