Friday, December 26, 2014

Tungsten Copper Alloy Rods: One Material, Countless Applications

Tungsten copper alloy is an excellent material which is used for various industrial purposes. The alloy is a mixed composition of tungsten and copper where tungsten is in a higher proportion (70% to 90%) as compared to the copper. The alloy has several properties, which makes it perfect for various applications. Some of the major properties of tungsten copper alloy are high strength, excellent heat resistance, high electrical conductivity, easy to machine, low vibration, ablation resistance, low thermal expression, high melting point, high rigidity, etc. These alloys are largely used for making various electrical devices, voltage breakers, welding machines and countless other materials.

Tungsten copper alloys rods are being shaped into various forms for using them for different industrial applications. Some of the major forms in which tungsten copper alloy is available are tungsten alloy shots, tungsten copper alloy rods, tungsten alloy disk, tungsten alloy hexagonal prisms, bucking bars, tungsten alloy sheets, tungsten alloy balls, etc. Tungsten copper rods are being used for many purposes including electrical operations, armor piercing, depleted uranium penetrators and other military and defense applications, etc.

Guangxi Chentian Tungsten Alloy Co., Ltd. is one of the leading producers, manufacturers and exporters of tungsten copper alloy rods. The company is a prominent name in the field of tungsten and tungstens alloy products. The products offered by the company passes through several quality checks and are produced in technically advanced production units. Guangxi Chentian Tungsten Alloy Co., Ltd. provides tungsten copper alloy products at excellent prices. The company also offers customized products and ensures on time deliveries. The offered tungsten copper alloy rods has several features like high heat resistance, strength, high melting point, etc.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tungsten Alloy Cylinders At Best Price

Guangxi chentian tungsten alloy Co., Ltd, established in 2001, is a prominent producer of a wide range of tungsten products. The company is known for its commitment to high product quality and maximum customer satisfaction. Serving in almost all the parts of the world, the company offers excellent shipping terms and on time deliveries. Guangxi Chentian Tungsten Alloy Co., Ltd, manufactures a variety of tungsten alloy products having countless applications in various industries. The product range of tungsten alloy products offered by the company includes tungsten alloy ball, tungsten alloy cylinders, tungsten alloy ring, tungsten alloy boring bar, tungsten alloy bar, tungsten alloy plants and sheets and many others. 

Tungsten alloy cylinders are largely used in automobile industry for weighting and balancing cars and for military purposes. These cylinders are available in various sizes and finishes. Tungsten alloy cylinders are more popular then square tungsten bars because these are easy to produce and easy for machining. Tungsten alloy cylinders are also used for counterweights like airplanes counterweights, yacht counterweights, tank counterweights, helicopter counterweights, etc.

Guangxi chentian tungsten alloy Co., Ltd offers best-in-quality tungsten alloy cylinders as per the customer's requirements. Some of the advantages served by tungsten alloy cylinders offered by the company are:
  • High resistance from heat and good thermal stability
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Corrosion free
  • High quality tungsten is used for the production of these tungsten alloy cylinders
  • Great resistance to temperature oxidation
  • Hardness, strength and defect-free cylinders
  • Customized cylinders available
  • Excellent pricing
  • International quality
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tungsten Carbide Exporter, Manufacturer, Liuzhou, China

Tungsten carbide is not a natural metal. It is a ceramic material made up of tungsten and carbon atom with each of them present in the ratio of 1:1. It is quite famous and is being largely produced throughout the world. According to the available data, around 30,000 tons of Tungsten carbide is being produced Globally in a particular year. This carbide is one of the World's hardest materials. Tungsten, the main component of tungsten carbide is being majorly produced in China, Russia and Korea.

Tungsten carbide owns various chemical and physical properties which make it perfect of countless uses and applications. Some of the major properties of the material includes:
  • Highly Durable
  • Rigidity
  • Heat Resistance
  • Heavy weight
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Corrosion resistance:
  • High- melting point: the melting point is around 2,600 degree Celsius
The material has several applications and is being used for various industrial operations. It is used for making a variety of machines, cutting tools that are used for milling and other activities, medical instruments, military weapons and many other things. Even jewelry made-up of Tungsten carbide are very much in trend and are largely loved by the buyers. From rings to necklaces, this material can be used for making any kind of the jewel pieces.

Many engineering companies produce and supply Tungsten carbide products in the International and local markets. Gaungxi Chentian Tungsten alloy Co. Ltd is one of the known manufacturers and suppliers of such products. This globally serving company holds an experience of many years in fulfilling the needs of their customers. These are kept under detailed observation of engineers and experts to ensure high end quality and excellent functioning of the products. The product range of Tungsten carbide products offered by Gaungxi Chentian Tungsten alloy Co. Ltd includes Tungsten carbide rings, Tungsten carbide balls, Tungsten carbide buttons, Tungsten carbide wear parts and many others.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tungsten Radiation Shielding Exporter, Manufacturer from China

Tungsten Radiation shielding

Many of industrial and medical activities result in production of various radiations which are harmful for both the human health and the environment. Various radiation shielding products and techniques are being used to protect people from such harmful radiations. Heavy metals are usually used for such purposes. These metals are supposed to absorb the harmful radiations and ensure that these radiations don't reach the human body. Tungsten is the most efficient metal which is used for radiation shielding purposes in most of the medical and industrial settings. Though lead is the most common material used for these purposes, tungsten is functionally more effective. Tungsten alloy offers excellent energy absorption in 3 times lesser metal as compared to lead. Tungsten radiation shielding products are available in various forms and shapes and used for a variety of purposes like gamma ray protection, radioactive source containers, x-ray shielding, logging and industrial instruments, shielding for cancer therapy machines, syringe protection for radioactive injections,etc..

Guangxi chentain tungten alloy Co. Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer, exporter and suppliers of tungsten radiation shielding products and material. With more than a decade experience in serving best and high quality products, Guangxi chentain tungten alloy Co. Ltd. is a prominent name in the domain. On time delivery, excellent pricing, perfect product quality, long lasting product functionality and many other features of Guangxi chentain tungten alloy Co. Ltd serves it with an edge over the other alternatives present in the market.

The tungsten radiation shielding product range offered by Guangxi chentain tungten alloy Co. Ltd includes radiation protection sheets, Tungsten carbide drum, tungsten medical radiation shielding clip, tungsten alloy syringe, tungsten alloy syringe shield clip, tungsten alloy radiation housing, tungsten radiation shielding, tungsten alloy radiation cover, tungsten alloy radiation shell, tungsten alloy mobile radiation shielding, tungsten radiation container, tungsten medical radiation holder, tungsten alloy radiation cap, tungsten alloy X-ray target and many other similar products. These products are widely in demand because of their perfection and superior quality.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tungsten Alloy Exporter, Manufacturer from China

Tungsten alloy is very crucial to the current industrial scenarios. Its properties like high melting point, excellent conduction, high density, strengthen, etc. make it an excellent choice for a variety of industrial uses. Be it tooling, automotive, aerospace or industrial radiography, tungsten have countless applications. It is also being used for a number of electrical operations including filament makings and many more. Tungsten alloy is perfect material for Radiation shielding owing to its high radiation absorption, density, corrosion resistances, low- toxicity and many other properties. Furthermore, serves its purposes in the medical industry, where it is used for shielding radiations like X-ray radiations, gamma radiations, cosmic radiations, etc.

Guangxi Chentian Tungsten alloy Co. Ltd., well-known name in the market, holding an experience of more than a decade in providing high-end tungsten alloy solutions to thousands of its clients. You can get your need for high quality Tungsten Alloy products fulfilled in the best way by Guangxi Chentian Tungsten alloy Co. Ltd. The company is a prominent manufacturer, exporter and supplier of certified tungsten alloy products, serving in many countries with Japan, US and Europe being the major exporters.

Some of the outstanding benefits offered by our products include, excellent quality raw materials, dimensional stability, higher boiling and melting points, durability, low thermal expansion, good radiation absorption, non toxicity, prefect packing, and many more. We are a trusted and well- recognized name for the unmatchable delivery of tungsten alloy products. ISO 9001:2008 certification is one of our pride possessions. Some of our specialties that serve us with competitive advantages over others are:
  • Updated manufacturing units and procedures
  • Maximum customer satisfaction and buyer-friendly approaches
  • Best price
  • Delivery perfection, on-time
  • Huge storage capacity
One of our core specialties which make us one of a kind is the team hired by us, consisting of industrial experts, packaging and warehouse experts, engineers and quality analysts who ensure right production and high end quality.

The whole range of tungsten alloy products offered by Guangxi Chentian Tungsten alloy Co. Ltd. Includes tungsten alloy bar, rings, armor, cylinder, tube, nail shape, nail weights, ball, sphere, blocks, rod, sinker, disc, plates, tips, blanks, and many others.

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