Friday, December 26, 2014

Tungsten Copper Alloy Rods: One Material, Countless Applications

Tungsten copper alloy is an excellent material which is used for various industrial purposes. The alloy is a mixed composition of tungsten and copper where tungsten is in a higher proportion (70% to 90%) as compared to the copper. The alloy has several properties, which makes it perfect for various applications. Some of the major properties of tungsten copper alloy are high strength, excellent heat resistance, high electrical conductivity, easy to machine, low vibration, ablation resistance, low thermal expression, high melting point, high rigidity, etc. These alloys are largely used for making various electrical devices, voltage breakers, welding machines and countless other materials.

Tungsten copper alloys rods are being shaped into various forms for using them for different industrial applications. Some of the major forms in which tungsten copper alloy is available are tungsten alloy shots, tungsten copper alloy rods, tungsten alloy disk, tungsten alloy hexagonal prisms, bucking bars, tungsten alloy sheets, tungsten alloy balls, etc. Tungsten copper rods are being used for many purposes including electrical operations, armor piercing, depleted uranium penetrators and other military and defense applications, etc.

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